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TOYOTA_HILUX_XTRA_CABLET'S start with a confession: on the day the TOYOTA HILUX XTRA CAB arrived, my testosterone level rose. The Silky Gold paintwork, optional alloy wheels and Durabar nudge, side-, roll and towbars elevated our Hilux above the thousands pounding our streets and country lanes, and added some much-needed machismo to the frumpy looking Hilux (and myself).

Eagle-eyed readers would have noticed that this TOYOTA HILUX XTRA CAB is a prefacelift version and as such lacks the Land Cruiser-esque nose of

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SKODA_RAPIDEl cochejusto en el momento justo”. Asi definfan en Skoda al nuevo skoda rapid. Y no les fal-ta razon. Aunque aun no sa-bemos el precio de ataque, si toma-mos сото referencia el de su geme-lo Seat Toledo, рог menos de 14.000 euros tenemos una berlina compac-ta (4,48 metros) con un espacio interior superior incluso al de un skoda rapid у un maletero que para si querri'an coches del segmento superior.

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Mitsubishi lancer 9 gt

mitsubishi_lancer_9_gtHere in the NZPC office we often use the phrase “being inside a bubble” to describe the situation people can find themselves in when they frequent certain circles exclusively. For instance, if you hang out with a bunch of heavily tattooed folk you may soon find yourself rocking ink on your hands, neck and face, and while it might seem perfectly normal to you and your group of mates, the rest of society starts to look at the you as if the you’re some kind of circus freak. The same thing can be said for import car fans like Faizal Dean who keeps company with, and is related to, the owners of some of New Zealand’s most powerful street cars. While to most of us having over 400 kilowatts in a street car would seem extreme, for this certain cadre of enthusiasts it’s a normal occurrence. So it would come as no surprise that under their influence Faizal’s own Evo VIII would end up with 491 kW — at the wheels. Mitsubishi lancer 9 gt.

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High Roller GSX-R1000

High_Roller_GSX-R1000Show up with a loud exhaust and people look over their shoulders, Show up on an outrageous neon two-wheeled torpedo and you get mobbed by a parking lot of people, Just over a year ago SSB featured Garwood’s High Roller GSX-R1000, Now the Garwood Brothers are back, this time on Suzuki’s biggest bike, Out on the streets where style can take precedence over performance, the lBusa is still the bike to beat, So, when Victor Bannerman approached Garwood Custom Cycles for a balls-out custom that would, "Catch attention, turn heads and be unique," Suzuki's bird of prey was the obvious choice for both buyer and builder.

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Audi Q3

Audi_Q3THERE’S Audi Q3 A NEW category of small premium SUVs these days, with the Range Rover Evoque as the pin-up model. Now Audi’s Q3 has joined the party. It shares many styling plements with the a rest of the Audi range, which means that, at first glance, it lacks the visual impact of both the Evoque and the Mazda CX-5 that will sit alongside the new arrival in the What Car? car park.That isn't to say it's unattractive. The initial reaction of my family has been positive, but that may be down, at least in part, to some careful choices when it came to the options list.

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Ford focus

Ford_focusFord focus will add a few enhancements to its MY2013 Focus range by including the Sync infotainment system and Active City Stop.
Standard across the range, Sync provides hands-free, voice-activated in-car connectivity via a compatible mobile phone or digital media player. Key Sync features consist of an automatic phone book download function, voice control of your phone for making calls, and the use of voice commands to control your media player. On top of this, received text messages can be read aloud, including translations of commonly used abbreviations, such as LOL - maybe even ‘WTF! Sync can also be operated via steering wheel- mou nted со nt rol s.

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Sunbeam Talbot

Sunbeam_Talbot__90The Sunbeam Talbot was owned by a farmer who had passed away, and since 1967 had remained dormant after serving as a family runabout and pig-trailertowcar. It had been proposed to enter it for beach races at Mablethorpe until a broken gearbox prevented the idea.

Any form of motorsport would have been a befitting end, as Peter was accurately told by the vendor that MWK17 was an ex-Rootes works car, driven by Stirling Moss in the 1953 Monte Carlo, where it took second place, with Desmond Scannell and John Cooper sharing the success. MWK's identity was later confirmed by Dick Edmond, who was co-drove it with Edwin Elliott in the 1953 Alpine Rally.

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