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High Roller GSX-R1000

High_Roller_GSX-R1000Show up with a loud exhaust and people look over their shoulders, Show up on an outrageous neon two-wheeled torpedo and you get mobbed by a parking lot of people, Just over a year ago SSB featured Garwood’s High Roller GSX-R1000, Now the Garwood Brothers are back, this time on Suzuki’s biggest bike, Out on the streets where style can take precedence over performance, the lBusa is still the bike to beat, So, when Victor Bannerman approached Garwood Custom Cycles for a balls-out custom that would, "Catch attention, turn heads and be unique," Suzuki's bird of prey was the obvious choice for both buyer and builder.
Bannerman already had two Hayabusas in his garage, one a mild custom and one a stocker, and while Mike and Steve Garwood have built and customized dozens of sportbikes, the majority have used the big bad bird as a base platform, and they were ready to give Bannerman a bike like no other. The North Carolina-based crew decided to take the build much further than a spike kit, regular paint and custom chrome.

Plucking a clean, low mileage 2011 ‘Busa from the shop's inventory, they began the madness, Literally. While the bike's name, Madness, might inspire thoughts of a crazy custom build that would render the finished project pretty but unrideable, the Garwoods kept the wild plans within limits so that it stayed streetable. Separating the bike from the masses was the goal, using an obsessive attention to detail, one-off components and show-winning paint,

For Bannerman's build the brothers pulled out all of the stops with a 280 single-sided swingarm specially made to suit the RC Components Helix-pattern rear wheel whose 20-inch diameter is exactly twice its width. Supported by a custom AirFx air ride suspension system, the multiple steel tubes of the swingarm snake around the big rear tire with a pair of chromed nitrous bottles filling the gap on the right side. Further forward, the chromed and painted 'Busa fork legs support a narrower 19-inch RC Components Helix pattern wheel with color-matched OE radial mount caliper and brake disc, the whole front end slightly reduced in height with a Ransom Machine top tree and liberally decorated dash area, suzuki_High_Roller_GSX-R1000Matched master cylinders, Custom Chrome scaled levers, gatlin grips and a host of other chromed and color-coordinated components like fork tops, center nut and switchgear added an extra touch that continues behind the painted windscreen, The cockpit is equally custom, comprised of Street Racer Parts’ instruments, modified and enhanced with a Ransom Machine chrome bezel. For the bodywork, Garwood stuck with the archetypal 'Busa look of a stock fairing and front fender with the slimmed down rear end compliments of a modified GSX-R1000 tail unit and a hand-stitched custom seat. Suzuki High Roller GSX-R1000
The 2011 Hayabusa motor needed little more enhancement for street cruising than the ubiquitous Power Commander and a custom underbelly Garwood exhaust system finished with a set of VooDoo tips at the loud end. Paint was sprayed onto the covers and the clutch pressure plate for more eye candy seen through the transparent АТС cover, But what pulls this entire ensemble together, making it so much more than just a sum of very expensive parts is the total concept of the paintwork as part of the machine. Created by Tearn Neyon, coat-after-coat of neon orange, neon yellow, neon green and neon red has been detailed with contrasting silver pinstripes to produce a stunning finish, For the full nocturnal display the bike is fitted with a remotely controlled SBL 18-color light kit featuring an 18-color headlight halo to light up the night.

Source: SSB
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